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Hi, I’m Fiona of Isabella’s Haus and this is my first blog…yippee! So here’s a bit of background about me…this is my second career, my first was a stunt woman in the film industry for 20 years…a bit more dangerous than what I’m doing now, but still lots of fun. Here’s a snippet of my last career –

As you can see, importing Napoleon III furniture and interior design have fewer explosions and gunfire, although there’s always a first, I suppose. I also hosted a TV show, and did some modelling, but my favorite pastime was French furniture and interior design. Like so many of you, instead of playing with my dolls as a child, I was constantly rearranging my room, changing paint and curtains, moving furniture and picking my own carpet…I had such great (and tolerant) parents.

So when I finally made the leap of faith, and left the film business for a career in design, I was so happy, although I didn’t really know how to start. So I travelled to Europe, my mecca for antiques, rich tapestries, stunning architecture, and opulent textiles. I was completely hooked on the classics.

After living and travelling in Europe for a few years, I came back and enrolled in RCC Institute of Design and began an honors degree in Interior Design. I loved it and soon was added to their President’s list…(my parents are so proud! Now they can get a bumper sticker for the back of their car saying they are the parents of an honour role child!).

I took Maria Killam’s Certified True Colour Expert training workshop and developed my love of paint. I’m so excited to add to my knowledge of colour. Our colours at Isabella’s Haus are gold and blue, but I do have a weakness for white.  Simply White OC-117 by Benjamin Moore was a winner of color of the year a couple of years ago and  deserved the recognition.

Creative Director of Benjamin Moore, Ellen O’Neill refers to white as the silent hero, and goes on to point out how well it punctuates high chroma colours, textures and shapes. White also shows all the wonderful variations of light and shade on architectural details and objects…it’s so versatile!

White is elegant, traditional and sophisticated. It’s innocent, clean and pure, and also represents new beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start.. It amplifies growth, awakening and creativity, adds calmness, comfort and hope. It is that perfect harmony of all the colours of the spectrum, an exquisite balance of positive and negative, creating simple neutrality and equality. No wonder the talented and gifted folks over at Benjamin Moore had chosen Simply White.

White embodies Isabella’s Haus on so many levels, with it’s timelessness and poise, gracing nature, architecture, furniture design and fashion. Add it’s spring freshness, awakening openness, symbolic of new beginnings and creative adventures.

How could we choose anything other than our beloved white?